Supplemental Data for Vale et al.

Microscopes for Fluorimeters: The Era of Single Molecule Measurements. Cell, Volume 135, Issue 5, 779-785 28 November 2008
doi:10.1016/j.cell.2008.11.009MOVIE FIGURE LEGENDS


  Movie S1. Dynamic Instability of Single Microtubules Prepared from Purified
Mammalian Tubulin (MOV 7457 kb)

In this time-lapse movie (from 1985), the time in hours, minutes, and seconds is displayed in the upper left. The microtubules are growing but some show abrupt transitions to shortening, e.g., the bottom three microtubules: lower left microtubule at 42:42 (left end) and 44:27 (right end), lower central (just one end showing) at 44:46, and lower right at 43:28 (left end) and 44:17 (right end). Movie courtesy of H. Hotani, Nagoya University (Horio and Hotani, 1986).


Movie S2. Rotary Motion of the F1-ATPase (AVI 1359 kb)


A single fluorescently labeled actin filament is attached to the central subunit of the enzyme; when supplied with ATP, counterclockwise rotation of the actin filament is observed. Movie courtesy of K. Kinosita, Waseda University (Noji et al., 1997).

  Movie S3. Movie of Single Dynein Molecules (Each Labeled with a Single Quantum Dot) Moving Processively along Microtubule Tracks (Unlabeled and Hence Not Visible) (MOV 140 kb)

Movie made by students in the 2008 Physiology Course, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole.