Microtubules and Mitosis Movies and Images

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iBio Seminar Clip: How are spindle microtubules made? (5:35)  


iBio Seminar Clip: Spindle formation: Image of a metaphase spindle and video of first steps in spindle formation. (1:00)

Rhodamine-labeled microtubules being severed by katanin.
EB1-GFP in mitosis. Time-lapse observation of EB1-GFP in mitosis. EB1-GFP is accumulated at the growing tips of microtubules. Images were taken every 1 sec using spinning-disk confocal microscopy.
GFP-tubulin in mitosis movie 1 (wt). Time-lapse observation of GFP-tubulin in wild-type S2 cells during bipolar spindle formation. Images are taken every 10 sec using spinning-disk confocal microscopy.
GFP-tubulin in mitosis movie (klp10A RNAi). Time-lapse observation of GFP-tubulin in S2 cells after Klp10A [Kin I] RNAi. Monopolar spindle is initially formed, but is converted to bipolar spindle through acentrosomal pole formation.
S2 Mitosis: S2 cells expressing GFP-H2B, Cherry tubulin, z-stacks of 8 slices. One z-stack every 10 seconds. Movie is a maximum intensity projection. Movie by Nico Stuurman.    




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Patronin: Artistic depiction of Patronin.  Because of ssp4’s protective role, we named the protein “Patronin” from the protective patronus in the Harry Potter novels (Harry Potter’s patronus was a stag, and hence the stag protecting the microtubule minus end in Graham Johnson’s illustration shown here (graham@grahamj.com).  
Spastin: Through human genetic studies to find genetic mutations that underlie spastic parapalegias, the gene spastin was identified and found to be closely related to katanin.
Spindle phenotypes: Different cagetories of phenotypes produced aftere RNAi gene knockdown in Drosophila S2 cells.
Anaphase in Drosophila S2 cell.
Model for spastin mediated microtubule disassembly.
A model for augmin-gamma-tubulin mediated microtubule nucleantion.
Patronin bound to microtubule minus ends in vitro.    
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