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GFP Actin: Drosophila S2 cell plated on Con A. Low levels of GFP-actin expression produces a speckled effect that facilitates observation of actin retrograde flow in S2 cells. The cell margins also exhibit periods of extension and retraction, as well as vigorous membrane ruffling.  






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Drosophila S2 cells plated on Con A and stained for actin (red), tubulin (green), and DNA (blue). S2 cells dramatically change their morphology when plated on glass coverslips coated with the lectin concanavalin A (con A.  
DRhoGEF2-Mediated Cellular Shape Changes Require Rho1: Three-dimensional reconstructions of a control S2 cell stained with rhodamine-phalloidin and spread on concanavalin A in the x-y (A) and x-z (B) planes reveal tha the cells adopt a discoid shape.
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